Milk Coupons

Milk Coupons

Finding milk coupons isn’t always easy. Even when you look for online coupons, you may not spot any print coupons for milk. Still, milk coupons are out there, even if they aren’t the most popular grocery coupons available.

In addition to milk coupons, you can also using grocery saving strategies to save more, even if you don’t have grocery coupons to use.

Where to Find Milk Coupons

Your first stop in finding milk coupons should be the websites of your favorite brands. Often they offer print coupons for some of their products. In addition to getting online coupons direct from the source, you can take advantage of a little known secret. Most milk coupons are actually issued by companies that don’t make any dairy products!

Many brands offer free milk when you buy their product. Nabisco, is one of them. Look for grocery coupons from them that are good for free milk when you buy Oreos or other cookies. And did you know that paper towel coupons sometimes include milk coupons in their deal?

When it Comes to Milk Coupons, Be Flexible

I tend to see a lot of online coupons for specialty forms of milk, such as soy and organic. If you can be flexible on the type and manufacturer you can really get the lowest prices. Purchase only the kind that gives you the best value off.

Of course, you may not like certain selections, but I think that one initial purchase, especially if you have milk coupons for it, is worth trying. Who knows? You may discover a new favorite that saves you money in the long run.

What to Do When There Are No Milk Coupons

While using coupons is generally the best strategy for saving money on your groceries, there are other tricks that you can pull out of your hat as needed. Keep a price book so you always know which stores cary the lowest prices. This way, you can at least save a little.

In my price book, I have Trader Joe’s marked down for the best price on hormone-free milk, and Aldi’s as the best price on regular milk. I know that I can shop these stores when there really are no milk coupons to be had anywhere.

Your stores may be different then mine, depending on where you live.

Another strategy is to stock up when you do have a wealth of coupons. Milk can be frozen. Just pour out a little off of each gallon to allow for expansion before you freeze.