How to Find Free Shipping Coupons
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How to Find Free Shipping Coupons

Nowadays, a lot of people shop online. The Internet can be the best place to find the lowest price and widest selection of whatever you are looking for. By shopping online, you are also saving money on gasoline and saving some time driving around trying to find what you are looking for. But the downside is the additional shipping fees that can cost double what the tax is and end up on the final price!

Thankfully there are a wide variety of ways to avoid this altogether. Many online shops don’t want to scare away customers with the additional cost of shipping, so they offer promotional codes or free shipping on orders over a certain price. Check directly on the manufacturer’s website for these offers.

Getting Free Shipping

Big companies, like, have a standard free shipping on all their shoes and other products. If you are shopping out looking for shoes with free shipping out of a smaller company or lesser-known site, they may only offer it during promotional periods or on orders over $100. Check to see if this site has a newsletter or mailing list that you can be a part of. By signing up to their weekly or daily newsletter, you will be immediately notified with promotional codes, new products, and other great deals. Or, just click here and see how many companies are offering free shipping right now!

What a Deal It Is

By getting free shipping you can save around 15-30% on your order! Usually, it is easier to find coupons for free shipping than it is to find coupons that save you 30%. If you are looking to buy large items like automotive parts or tires, free shipping can really save you a bundle. If you think there is a deal you might be missing, find the customer service phone number (usually listed on the website under “contact us”) and ask directly if they have any free shipping offers going on. If you are friendly and patient, the customer service representative will usually do all they can to work out a discount for you.

Beware: Free Shipping, Checks, and Scams.

For free shipping checks can be tricky. Most people don’t want to pay too much to have their checks shipped to them, because the idea of spending money on ordering the checks can seem redundant and exhausting, not to mention, costly. Check companies know this, and have done a lot to offer free shipping on checks. Free shipping can be found with your bank or online. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of Internet scams concerning checks, free shipping, and bank information. These sites could put your identity and bank account information at risk. Be wary when signing up for free shipping on checks, and, as always, don’t start sending out your information to just anyone. There are a lot of easy ways to double check that the company is legitimate and will keep your information safe.

Be sure you see the “VeriSign Secured” or “McAfee Secure” logos on the page that you are typing your contact information into. Check the website address at the top of your page – you want to make sure the address starts out with “https” instead of just “http” (the “s” stands for secure). If you still have any questions, find the companies 800 number and speak with a live customer service representative or check out the company on the Better Business Bureau website.

Free shipping can be a the most simple way to save the most cash on your online or catalogue purchase. Look for offers directly on the manufacturer’s website or search for specific codes in the search bar at!