Here Are the Back to School Deals!
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Here Are the Back to School Deals!

The back to school deals are rolling out right now, so hurry and pick up what you need before the stores move on and the shelves are cleared.

Not sure how to score the back to school deals this year or where to start? Scroll down for my expert tips. They will help you save the most that you can on everything you will need for September.

Remember, I’ll be posting all of the best deals and back to school coupons right here and updating them as they come out, so you can bookmark this page and check back as often as you like! There is no need to miss a single back to school offer.

Here are your back to school deals for 8/28-9/3!

CVS Back to School

Fashion Notebooks or Portfolios
Buy One Get One Free

BeGreen Pens, 2pk
Buy One Get One Free

Pilot Easy Touch Pens, 2-5pk
Buy One Get One Free

Pilot Frixion Pens, 2pk
Buy One Get One Free

Pilot Precise V5 or V7 Pens, 2-3pk
Buy One Get One Free

Select Bic Pens, Pencils and Wite-Out
Buy One Get One 50% Off

Post-it Notes, Tabs, Flags or Page Markers
Buy One Get One 50% Off

Elmer’s or Krazy Glue
Buy One Get One 50% Off

Avery Durable Binders
Buy Two Get One Free

Caliber 2-pocket Folders $0.20

Papermate Write Bros. Pen, 10pk $0.99

Rite Aid Back to School

Mead Five Star Stationary
Buy One Get One 50% Off

Sharpie Markers, Highlighters, Pencils or Pens
Buy One Get One 50% Off

Buy One Get One 50% Off

Crayola Crayon, Markers and Colored Pencils
Buy One Get One 50% Off

Bic Mechanical Pencils and Wite-Out
Buy One Get One Free

Papermate Write Bros. Pens, 10pk $0.99

Bic Cristal or Round Stick Pens, 10pk $0.99

Elmer’s School Glue $0.99

Mead 1-subject Notebook $1.99

Mead 3-subject Notebook $3.99

Mead 5-subject Notebook $5.99

Single Check Rebates

Mast Lock Products
Buy 2, Submit for $2.00 Single Check Rebate

Sharpie Products
Spend $10.00, Submit for $2.00 Single Check Rebate

Mead Products
Buy $10.00, Submit for $2.00 Single Check Rebate
Buy $20.00, Submit for $5.00 Single Check Rebate

Walgreens Back to School

Penway or Wexford Green Notes Recycled Composition Notebooks, Theme Notbooks and Portfolios
Buy One Get One Free

Corner Office, Oxford, Wexford or Acco Binders
Buy One Get One Free

Mead Five Star Portfolio
Buy One Get One Free

Elmer’s Jumbo Glue Stick
Buy One Get One 50% Off

Ticonderoga No. 2 Pencils, 10pk
Buy One Get One 50% Off

Penway Highlighter $0.09

Wexford 2-pocket Folder $0.09

Penway or Wexford No. 2 Pencils, 10pk $0.19

Penway Wooden Ruler $0.19

Penway or Wexford 1-subject Notebooks $0.29

Papermate Stick Pens, 10pk $0.29

Papermate Mechanical Pencils, 10pk $0.39

Penway or Wexford Pink Erasers, 2pk $0.39

Penway or Wexford Filler Paper, 130 sheets $0.50

Penway or Wexford Pencil Box $0.59

Crayola Markers, 10pk $0.99

Uniball Gel Pens, 2pk $0.99

Pilot B2P Pens, 2pk $1.99

Walgreen’s Hand Sanitizer $1.99

Pilot G2 Pens, 2pk $1.99

Penway or Wexford 5-subject Notebooks $1.99

Penway or Wexford Mechanical Pencils, 30pk $2.99

Ticonderoga No. 2 Pencils, 24pk $2.99

Expo Dry Erase Markers, 8pk $3.99

In Ad Coupons

Wexford 2-pocket Folder With Prongs $0.17
Limit 12

Elmer’s Glue Stick or School Glue $0.29
Limit 3

Penway or Wexford Composition Notebook $0.49
Limit 3

Rose Art Glue Sticks, 3pk $0.49
Limit 3

Crayola Water Colors, 8pk $1.50
Limit 4

Crayola Colored Pencils, 12pk $1.50
Limit 3

Penway or Wexford Filler Paper, 100 sheets $1.59
Limit 3

Printworks Multipurpose Paper, 400 sheets $1.99
Limit 3

Crayola Washable Markers, 20pk $2.99
Limit 3

Crayola Crayons, 64 pk $2.99
Limit 3

Walmart Back to School

Graph Filler Paper, 80 sheets $1.47

Bic Mechanical Pencils, 10pk $1.47

Flexi View Report Cover $1.88

Avery 1″ Durable Binder $1.94

Elmer’s Extreme Glue Stick $1.97

Avery 5-tab Dividers $2.50

Avery 1″ Durable Binder With Clear Cover $2.74

Georgia Pacific Copy Paper, 500 sheets $2.97

Five Star Reinforced Filler Paper, 100 sheets $2.97

Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Markers, 5pk $2.97

Cra-Z-Art Glitter Glue and Washable Markers $3.47

Project Markers, 4pk $3.88

Uniball Gel Pens, 4pk $4.97

Office Depot Back to School

Penny Deal

Office Depot Slider Pencil Box

Dollar Deals

Fiskars 7″ Scissors

Papermate Sharpwriter Mechanical Pencils, 12pk

Buy 2 Get One Free

Scotch Craft Glue Sticks, 2pk

Scotch Reusable Adhesive Shapes

Office Depot Clipboard

Westcott 12″ Aluminum Ruler

Office Depot Mini Stapler Set

3M Laser Labels

Office Depot Single Hole Punch

Post-it 3×3 Note Cube

Select Writing Instruments including Sharpie and Expo

Swingline Smart-touch Compact Stapler

Other Deals

Quad Composition Book $1.99

Filler Paper $1.99

Fashion Notebooks $2.99


Office Depot Multipurpose Paper $6.49
Submit for $5.49 Visa Prepaid Card, Limit 2
Final Price:  $1.00

Staples Back to School

Extreme Deals

$5.00 minimum purchase, Limit 2

Staples 1-subject Wide Ruled Notebook $0.09

Staples #2 Yellow Pencils, 8pk $0.09

Quarter Deals

2-pocket Poly Folder
Really Useful 0.14L Box

$0.50 Deals

Staples Hard Cover Memo Book

Dollar Deals

Staples Graph Ruled Notebook

Rachael Hale Top Spiral Memo Book

Staples Scalloped Edge Memo Book

Top Steno Book

Staples Mini Writing Pads, 3pk

Staples Dry Erase Board Eraser

Staples 3-Hole Binder Punch

$2.00 Deals

Staedler Xcellence 10-piece Math Set

Staedler Pencil or Crayon Sharpener

Scotch Magic Tape, 3pk

Crayola Washable Crayons, Markers and Colored Pencils

Locker Planet Locker Mirror

Locker Planet Magnetic Photo Frames, 4pk

Staedler Norris Club Colored Pencils, 12pk

Bic Atlantic Retractable Ball Point Pens, 6pk

Staples Retractable Ball Point Pens, 4pk

Expo Dry Erase Board Cleaner

Staples Graph Ruled Filler Paper, 80 sheets

Other Deals

Sharpie Liquid Pencils, 2pk $4.00

Endura Glide Dry Erase Starter Kit $5.00

Bic Velocity Retractable Gel Pens, 15 pk $6.00

Easy Rebates

Bic Mark-it Permanent Markers, 5pk $3.00
Submit for $2.75 Easy Rebate. Limit 1
Final Price:  $0.25

Pentel Wow Sparkle Gel Pens, 4pk $2.99
Submit for $2.74 Easy Rebate. Limit 1
Final Price:  $0.25

Staples Multipurpose Paper, 500 sheets $5.99
Submit for $3.99 Easy Rebate, Limit 2
Final Price:  $2.00


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