Extra Coupon Inserts? Newspapers Are on to You!
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Extra Coupon Inserts? Newspapers Are on to You!

In previous years, it wasn’t that hard to get extra free coupon inserts from newspaper vendors and newspaper publishers on unsold papers, but with the explosion of interest in couponing thanks to TLC’s  Couponing show, the newspapers are changing their policies on who can have extra coupons.

“Coupons are money,” says one newspaper’s vice president of distribution. “We owe it to our coupon providers to treat them responsibly.”

Because of all of the requests for free coupons, many newspaper publishers are taking some steps to lock down on where the coupons go:

  • Unsold inserts are closely monitored and counted
  • Extra inserts are shredded before recycling
  • Delivery people are trained to only allow onset of inserts per family
  • The number of Sunday subscriptions allowed is being limited to one or two per family.