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Welcome to the world of couponing! Using coupons will have a definite impact on your budget. With just a few hours a week, you can take advantage of coupons, coupon codes and discounts to save money.

Different Types of Couponing

There are a few different ways to practice couponing. You can apply coupons in a grocery store, a retail store or online depending on what you are buying and the type of discount you want to have.

For the grocery store or drug store, you can clip your savings from the Sunday inserts, print them online or get them in the mail or email. This can also be true for traditional retail stores.

Another option for savings are online coupon codes. Just search for available discounts, and then enter your coupon codes at checkout to get dollars off, free shipping or free gifts with purchase. Many times you can get goods and services for up to 90 percent off of their original prices, especially around Christmas time. Black Friday sales are amazing, especially when you add the extra vouchers to the deals.

Is Couponing Worth It?

While some may argue that couponing isn’t for everyone, I think with the right balance it can really be worth the effort. With just a few hours a week, you can save hundreds of dollars a month. Add that all up, and you’ll see that your reward for your time can be as high as $60 an hour!

There are very few paying jobs that will pay that much money. Plus, couponing can be done at home, making it perfect for anyone, from a stay at home parent who would like to “earn” money by finding ways to save it, to a college student who needs to eat well on a small stipend.

Does Couponing Cost Anything?

While using coupons does not have to cost anything, there may be some small expenses related to couponing. You may have the expense of buying Sunday papers, if you can’t get the inserts for free from family and friends or dumpster diving. I recommend a minimum of two to four sets of Sunday inserts a week, so you can take advantage of stock up deals.

You may choose to by multiple inserts from clipping services. Printing vouchers from the Internet may cost a bit in paper and ink.

There are ways around all of these costs, and many expert extreme couponers save thousands of dollars without spending a dime.