Chucky Cheese Coupons
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Chucky Cheese Coupons

Arm yourself with some Chucky Cheese Coupons! They are great for celebrating a special occasion or any day when the kids are bored and hungry. Get prepared before you go and save money by taking along a coupon or two.

My firstborn was about two when we discovered Chucky Cheese. Coupons came in handy then and they still do now. While we don’t visit as often, it seems that in this stage of our children’s lives, Chuck E Cheese is the choice for birthday parties.

How to Use Chucky Cheese Coupons

Chucky Cheese Coupons (or Chuck E Cheese Coupons, as they are really called, although some also call the place Chuckie Cheese) usually give you dollars off of your pizza package or extra tokens.  There are usually several different choices available, with different value depending on how much you are going to buy. When the kids were little, I would just bring their sippy cups plus a bottle of water for me, so I can skip the drinks use the Chucky Cheese coupons that were just for pizza plus tokens.

The tokens are important, because they allow you to play games. There are all kinds of games for kids (and adults, too), from simple ride ons for toddlers to full out video games and classics such as Skeeball. Some of the games will spit out their own form of ticket or coupon. These can be redeemed later at the prize desk for toys and candy. Just a warning, though, you really have to earn a lot of tickets in order to get a prize of a decent size.

To tell you the truth, though, the reason that I don’t mind using Chucky Cheese coupons so much is the pizza. It is pretty yummy, and I haven’t come across anyone yet who doesn’t like it. Make sure that you order enough to feed your family or group. You can use more than one coupon as needed.

Getting Value from Chucky Cheese Coupons

Chucky Cheese coupons will give you the best value when you visit often or decide to host birthday parties. If your kids are like mine, it is hard for them not to invite the whole neighborhood as well as the whole class to their parties. My strategy then, is to save up the Chucky Cheese coupons and use a bunch of them at once. I can often get a better deal this way, by just buying a basic package and adding on.

Remember, parents often come to birthday parties, too, so it is helpful to have extra pizza on hand to feed them.


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