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Walmart Coupons

Posted on Thursday, May 6th, 2010 at 9:52 am
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For many people, it is hard to beat Walmart for price, quality, and convenience.  The largest retailer in the world is growing into world markets, and providing a huge variety of merchandise for total one stop shopping.  Whether you are online or in the store, your savings are significant here.  Walmart’s web site has additional perks for consumers with free samples and sign up offers.

You’ll always find online coupons for Walmart buys.  In addition, be sure to check out the website for free sample information.  You can either sign up to have some samples mailed to you, or find out what samples are available in the stores that week.

Next, be sure to check out All You Magazine which is available exclusively in Walmart stores and through subscription.  This magazine is well known among dedicated couponers, as the savings in coupons alone usually pay for the magazine itself.  The coupons are manufacturer’s coupons, and not limited to Walmart.  They are frequently high value.

For online shopping, look at our section of Walmart coupons.  We always have plenty!  Walmart truly wants to beat prices everywhere.  They do this not only with low prices, but with site to store shipping, 97 cent shipping, and perks for pre ordering some DVDs and electronic items.

Finally, print out our printable coupons and take them to your local Walmart.  You will find that by combining sales and your coupons, you really save big, and sometimes will get items for free.  Walmart also matches prices with local stores, so if you find that an item is cheaper, even at the store card price, you can bring in the ad for the lower price.  Their rules for this are here.

You won’t find shopper cards or in store rebates at Walmart, but you will find regular prices that are lower than most places you will shop.  Use your coupon sense with that, and you will find the benefit is really huge.

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