Walmart Peelies and Deals
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Walmart Peelies and Deals

Posted on Thursday, July 16th, 2009 at 4:36 pm
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Shopping at Walmart can be like a treasure hunt, especially when you add a scavenger hunt for peelies coupons. (If you aren’t sure what Walmart peelies are, just read my earlier post here.)

My friends and I love popping through the aisles and sharing information on the peelies that we find in Walmart. Here are some of the ones we spotted at Walmarts in Pennsylvania, Florida and Connecticut.

$1 off Kashi
$1 off Kelloggs cereal 5 oz or larger
$1.50 off frosted Mini Wheats
$.75 off Cereal Straws Kelloggs
$1 off Scotch tape (pop up kind)
$.75 off Taco Bell Home Originals Dinner Kit
$1 off Lysol disinfectant spray 6/30/10 on all
$1 off Lysol all purpose cleaner
$1 off Lysol disinfecting wipes
$.50 off Lysol bathroom cleaner
$.75 off Lysol cling 2 in 1
$1.00 off Old El Paso Refried Beans

If you use that Kelloggs cereal peelie look for specially marked boxes of Kelloggs cereal. Some of the boxes contain a $5 coupon booklet!

And here is a great deal. Do you have the $2 off Capri Sun plus Chips Ahoy coupon? If so, now is the time to use it. Capri Sun is only $1.75. Pair it with a minis bag that costs just $1. Use the coupon and you will only pay $.75 for both!

Here are some online Walmart Deals, too!

[fc-brand 120]

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