Wal-Mart 75% Off Holiday Items
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Wal-Mart 75% Off Holiday Items

Posted on Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 at 2:26 pm
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Many of my savvy shopping friends are reporting that Wal-Mart is offering 75% off of Christmas items starting today. This may vary by store, and in fact, the 75% off discount has been offered in select cities, such as Houston, starting yesterday.

The discount seems to be unadvertised, and in some cases, although the items are marked 50% off, they actually ring up at 75% off. In all cases, the Christmas items were moved to a clearance section.

In addition to the most obvious choices of Christmas items, there are other household goods that technically fall into the 75% off sale while being more useful throughout the year. For example, there are red and green flannel sheets, and designer perfume (such as Obsession) that are part of the deal.

I haven’t gotten out to my Wal-Mart today, so I can’t confirm this with my own eyes, but I’ll be heading out soon to check it out for myself.

Normally Wal-mart waits until January 1st to start the 75% off deal, but perhaps they now want to be competitive with other retailers who are heavily discounting. Target is still at 50% off Christmas items in my area, and I haven’t heard of any other retailers discounting more heavily than that.

If you do get to a Wal-Mart today, please find out if the 75% off sale is in effect for your area and leave me a comment.

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