Tips for Shopping at Walmart
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Tips for Shopping at Walmart

Posted on Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 at 11:01 am
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Walmart can be a great source of bargains. But do you know all of the tips to get the best prices and the easiest shopping Walmart shopping experience? Here is some experienced advice that will help you save take advantage of all that Walmart has to offer.

Shop in the morning

If your schedule allows it, time your shopping trip to Walmart in the morning. This is when the most experienced sales people and the department managers usually work. Also, the stores are the least crowded at this time, and workers are usually most available from 9 am until 11 am to help you. You will also be the most successful when you ask for extra bargains, floor sample discounts, etc. Since the cashiers are not as harried and the managers are available for questions, the store is more likely to accept printable coupons and competitors lower priced ads.

Use ship to store

Using the ship to store option just makes a lot of sense. Often, you can get all sorts of extra coupon codes and discounts online that are not available in the store (just check out our list of Walmart coupons, here). When I bought the Disney movie Enchanted for my daughter, I saved $5 off of the price in the store by using the ship to store option and then another $3 with a discount code! It doesn’t cost you anything for the ship to store service.

Shop the new stores

Very often when a new Walmart rolls into town, especially a town that is far from another Walmart, the store will lower its standard prices significantly in order to get your business. If you can, find out when a new store opens near you and shop there or at least compare the prices.

Combine with coupons

Walmart accepts most coupons, insert coupons and printables. Combine these coupons with rollback specials and cheap store prices to get many items for pennies or even for free. Walmart carries a lot of sample sizes or smaller packaging, so you can really get get the most out of those high value coupons. Do you remember the Johnson Buddies deal? If you took advantage of that with all of the printable coupons you now have free soap for life.

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