Back to School at Walmart
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Back to School at Walmart

Posted on Thursday, July 30th, 2009 at 8:42 pm
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Very smart, those Walmart people.

But then, if you are the world’s largest retailer, and you are supporting local schools, smart is just part of everything you do!

You may have seen folks standing outside of Walmart, collecting supplies for local school children. The idea is that you’ll buy your donations at Walmart. And they make it SO easy and affordable.

Many local Walmarts are displaying school supply lists from local schools, and on their website you can search for lists uploaded by local teachers. There is an entire back to school section here. You’ll find sales, links to Boxtops for Education and Campbells Labels for Education, and a Barnes and Noble search engine for textbooks.

This week’s sale of a limited supply of Compaq Presario laptops for $298 undoubtedly brought traffic into the store. And while you were there, whether you needed school supplies or not, you could find Crayola 24 pack Crayons, Elmer’s 4 oz washable glue, Elmer’s 2 pack washable glue sticks for 25 cents each. Assorted packs of Crayola markers and pencils, bic pens are just $1 each. Then there’s the 15 cent spiral notebooks and 2 pocket folders. Add this to a price rollback on Texas Instruments T130Xa scientific calculator for $9, Trapper folders for 50 cents each, and $2 Avery 1 inch binders, and a host of other savings, and you’ve got a quick sale and a very easy donation to a local school. If you are shopping for your own child, Walmart makes it very easy for you to find affordable supplies, and your teacher’s list right there.

Yup, they’ve figured it out. They’ve got the supplies at great prices, and if you forgot your list or are not sure what the teacher wants your child to have, well, they’ve taken care of that too.

Very smart, these Walmart people. Find our incredible Walmart deals here.

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