Walgreens – Great Photo Offers!
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Walgreens – Great Photo Offers!

Posted on Thursday, August 20th, 2009 at 11:40 pm
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I’ve never failed to be amazed at Walgreens.  When my family used to vacation on Miami Beach when I was a child, I thought the Walgreens  was a superstore.  I still think that, even in this age of Walmart.  They’ve gone from being a local drug store featuring a soda fountain and 5 & 10 type merchandise to being a leading retailer of everyday household goods and all types of medicines.

Walgreens today is a leading photo retailer, and we have the bargains for you right here.  You can still have pictures developed and purchase prints and photo merchandise in the store, but it is available on line too.  Check out these great offers from Walgreens for photos.

Of course it gets better when you use the register rewards to pay for items that generate register rewards…….

Walgreens is well known for its Register Rewards program in its stores.These are catalina coupons that print at the register, and Walgreens has a lot of them!  Deal hunters love to match up coupons with sales and register rewards.  For example, next week Kellogg’s cereal is 2/$5.  That’s not an unusual price – but there is a $2 register reward on 2.  And of course, there are umpteen coupons out now, many of which are $1+.  So – 2 boxes for $5, minus 2 $1 coupons equals $3.  Then you have a $2 register reward.  Final cost – 2/$1.00.  That’s 50 cents each!

Years ago, no one would have thought to buy groceries at Walgreens.  But today, especially in thriving urban areas, it is a contemporary super store!

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