The Four Best Places for Target Deals
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The Four Best Places for Target Deals

Posted on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 at 5:06 pm
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I’m really starting to fall in love with Target. Not only do they have all the stuff that I didn’t remember I needed until I got to the store (great one-stop shopping), but Target also offers plenty of opportunity for great deals. Here are my four favorite (the best) places to get Target deals.

1. The Trial Size Section

Every Target has a little section, usually somewhere near the health and beauty products, that is filled with sample and trial size products, everything from baby wipes to coffee. Most of these small sample sizes cost only $1 or less. This means that if you break out those $1 off coupons for name brand items, you can usually apply them to the sample size of the product to get it for free!

2. The Perimeter

Target sprinkles its best clearance and mark down deals around the perimeter or the outside edges of the store. Make a trip around, looking at all of the end caps, and you are sure to find some great deals. I’ve stocked up on boxes of cereal for less than $1 that way!

3. Goodwill

When the season is over or products have reached their last markdown without all being sold, they are donated to the Goodwill. Visit your local Goodwill store, and I bet you will find racks and shelves of stuff with the tags still on. I’ve found some great deals on children’s clothing ($1 or less) and toys (Hanna Montana taking doll for $1.50).

4. Online

Some of the best Target deals are actually the ones that are available online, especially for the more substantial purchases, such as leather jackets, furniture, electronics and jewelry. There are usually free shipping deals, too, so you won’t spend any money getting the deal to your door.

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