Target Deals and Target Freebies
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Target Deals and Target Freebies

Posted on Friday, September 24th, 2010 at 4:23 am
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Hit the bullseye for great deals

Hit the bullseye for great deals

There are some great deals at Target this week, including a couple of freebies.

Last night I stopped by our local Target to pick up some new sneakers for our middle child. She has worn her old ones out to the point where the rubber started flapping. Usually she outgrows sneakers before she out wears them, but I guess she has been playing hard this summer.

While I was in the store, I thought I would check out the clearance kids clothes (it is one of my usual stops). They had a bunch of summer stuff at 50 percent off and fall (current) clothes at 30 percent off. I picked up a dress and a shirt for only $2 and $1.50 each. You can’t beat that!

There were a lot of baby clothes and pajamas with slashed prices as well.

Now on to groceries. Get those coupons ready, and you’ll get some great deals.

You can get a free Glade carpet and room deodorizer when you combine the glade printable coupon from right at home with the Target printable coupon.


Another great deal is on Land O Lakes Butter. Use the printable coupon (you’ll need to sign in or join) to get it for only about $.24. This is the spreadable version with canola oil.


Don’t forget, also, to take a look at the list of Target sample or trial sizes. You can combine these sizes with $1 off coupons to get free products.

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