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Spotted at Target

Posted on Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 at 12:50 pm
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My husband is participating in an easy triathlon this coming weekend, so yesterday found us at our local Target to pick up a bike that he could use. They had some good deals, so he was happy.

While he was shopping, the kids and I started browsing around the perimeter of the store to see what sale or clearance items we could find. Perimeter perusing is a great way to find bargains at Target. You just walk around the edges of the store and look at the end caps that are closest to the walls. Sometimes you may also spot clearance on the regular shelves, but still closest to the edges of the store.

There were a lot of snacks on sale, such as the popular Yogos at $1.50. I’m guessing that there might be extra inventory to clear now that back to school promotions are over. I spotted a couple of backpacks left at deep discounts, so consider stocking up on any you find. You can save them as replacements for next year, or fill them at Christmas time to give to those in need.

One thing that surprised me was the number of Halloween clearance items I found. Crazy cupcake sprinkles (eyeballs, bats and more) were discounted, as were Halloween cookie kits and other Halloween baking supplies. Next to the Halloween baking supplies were ordinary baking items on sale, too, such as cupcake liners.

Of course I picked up some of the not so creepy item. Decorating cupcakes would make a nice after school activity for my kids and their friends. I grabbed some boxes of Pillsbury strawberry cake mix. The strawberry flavor was marked way down to 67 cents at my store, and it was so much cheaper than any other flavor. Hey red cupcakes might be completely appropriate for Halloween.

The fact that some Halloween was already on clearance got me thinking about other stores. I may just have to go out this weekend to Kohl’s, Walmart and Disney, to see what might be available! I know that already has some good Halloween deals.

Have you spotted any great deals at Target lately?

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