Perimeter Perusing at Target
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Perimeter Perusing at Target

Posted on Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 at 11:10 am
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If you haven’t heard about perimeter perusing at Target, you may be missing out on some great discounts and secret deals.

Target has some interesting ways of marking down products and advertising (or not) those mark downs. Here is what you need to know to take advantage of these deals.

By “perusing the perimeter” of the store, you can often get great deals before anyone else ever knows about them. Check the end caps along the entire perimeter of the store, closest to the walls. You will often find clearance items here. I have come away with things such as boxes of name brand cereal for $1 each and canned goods for 25 cents each by hitting the perimeter.

You can also get secret sales or deals by scanning items. The clearance items may scan for less than even the clearance sticker says. So if a discount doesn’t seem large enough for you, use one of the many in store scanners to check the price.

Sometimes items that are on sale are never even marked or they may be marked hours or days later. By arriving at Target early in the day and knowing what the markdown schedule is, you may be able to find huge bargains on hot and high-end products.

I know, for example, that in my area, Target generally does markdowns on electronics and kids products on Mondays, Grocery items and cleaning supplies on Tuesdays.

One other thing I noted with the Target clearance deals is that any price ending in the number “4” seems to be rock bottom and on its way out.

Right now there seems to be a lot of these clearance deals on toys. So shop the perimeter and start scanning.

Also, check out Target’s online deals including the Deal of the Day below.

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