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CVS Coupons

Posted on Monday, May 10th, 2010 at 11:45 am
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Once you get hooked into shopping at CVS, you will wonder how you ever did without all the savings and great offers with their Extra Care Bucks promotion.  When you combine your coupons with their promotions, you keep racking up the savings through Extracare, which can be applied to most items in the store.

The first thing to do is to check out the CVS weekly ads, and match our coupon preview and printable coupons to the ads.  Then, get yourself a CVS Extracare Bucks card if you don’t already have one.  Use this everytime you make a purchase in the store or online.  You will find that there are two ways to accumulate Extracare Bucks (also called ECBs) – one is to accumulate 2% off everything you purchase, which is awarded to you every quarter, and the other is to take advantage of limited specials, where you get “bucks back” for particular items.

The beauty of this is that you can match your coupons to the CVS in store sales and “bucks back” promotions, and pay less out of pocket, but still get the Extra Care Bucks.  Then, on your next purchase, do the same thing, but use the Extra Care Bucks toward the payment of your purchase – which you get Extra Care Bucks for!

You can earn these with online purchases, or with in store shopping at many CVS locations nationwide.   There are some exclusions, and you will only get $ 1Extra Care Buck back for every two prescriptions.  You cannot use the bucks to pay for prescriptions, gift cards, and other items that are listed here.

CVS is also well known for their photo development, and all the great albums and photobooks you can get there.  Again, you can get these savings online, or in the store.  There are special perks for doing this online, and you can get the ECB rewards for these as well.

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