Tips for Staying Hydrated
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Tips for Staying Hydrated

Posted on Wednesday, July 15th, 2015 at 3:06 pm
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Will you be spending time exercising in the heat of summer?  Planning on attending outdoor festivals?  Here are some tips to help you stay hydrated.Summer is a great time to get outside and check out the many events that are going on. The nice weather may inspire you to get out of the gym and exercise outdoors. It is important to remember to stay hydrated, especially if you will be outside in hot, humid, weather. People often forget to drink enough water. Here are some tips to help you to stay hydrated.

Tips to Help You Stay Hydrated

How much water do you need?
The American Heart Association says that the answer to that question can vary from person to person and based on climatic conditions, clothing, and how hard a person is working out. People with certain health conditions may need more water than others.

They point out three ways to determine if you are properly hydrated:

* Are you thirsty? That generally means that you have already become dehydrated.

* What color is your urine? People who are properly hydrated have pale or clear urine. If your urine is darker than that, it means you need to drink more water.

* Are you sweating? If you are working out, but not sweating, it means that you are dehydrated. You should stop and drink some water before you develop heat exhaustion.

Carry a water bottle.
Skip the energy drinks! Water is the best choice and exactly what your body needs in order to stay hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you so that you can drink water while you are working out or being active.

One advantage to carrying a water bottle is that it makes it easier to avoid dehydration. Another advantage is that it is a frugal way to do it. Pay for the water bottle once, fill it at home multiple times, and save the money you would have otherwise spent on drinks.

Plan ahead for best results.
Are you planning on exercising outside in hot weather tomorrow? Start preparing your body for it today. Drink plenty of water the day before you exercise (or spend a lot of time outdoors being active). Drink water the hour before you go, and continue to drink water as you exercise (or attend an event).

Live Science notes that water is the best choice in order to provide dehydration. However, they also point out that tea, coffee, juices, milk, and soup can count towards the amount of water you need in order to stay hydrated. Fruits and vegetables can provide your body with some water, and some nutrients.

Avoid alcohol.
Spending time outdoors, in the heat, at a festival can be fun. It would be wise to avoid drinking alcohol while you are there. Alcohol is extremely dehydrating. If you drink alcohol, you have to be extra careful about making sure you also drink enough water to stay safely hydrated.

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