Tips for Shopping at Your Local Farmer’s Market
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Tips for Shopping at Your Local Farmer’s Market

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 at 10:17 am
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Tips for Shopping at Your Local Farmer's MarketFarmer’s markets are a great resource for locally sourced, fresh produce. In addition to helping local farmers in your community, you can often find great deals on your favorite fruits and veggies and natural health foods. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your trip to the farmer’s market:

Visit Early for the Best Selection – Farmer’s often sell out of special products or items that feature an incredible deal. Arrive early to ensure you get the best the market has to offer!

Visit Late to Save Some Cash – You may not get the best selection available, but hitting up the market stands shortly before closing time may result in saving some money. Vendors will often prefer unloading their goods to customers instead of hauling everything back to the farm. However, keep in mind that some farmer’s markets have rules against lowering prices, so research your local market’s rules and regulations first.

Buy in Bulk – Most of the best deals you’ll find at the market are for bulk items. If you’re concerned about using all of a particular item, research some great recipes. You might just find you new favorite side dish or baked good!

Know What’s in Season – Farmer’s Markets offer fresh items straight from the fields. Knowing what’s currently in season will help you plan ahead and know what to expect from the vendors.

Give Yourself Some Wiggle Room – Part of the fun of going to a farmer’s market is tasting all of the delicious things vendors have to offer. Plan on the possibility of spending a little extra on an item you try and fall in love with. You may even find something unexpected.

Bring Small Change – To make your transactions move faster, bring smaller bills and change. The vendors will appreciate it!

Some of the larger farmer’s markets feature local entertainers, restaurants, and hobbyists. In addition to great produce, you might be able to find fresh flowers, baked goods from local bakeries, fresh BBQ, or handmade goods. Bring the whole family and enjoy everything the market has to offer!

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