Tips for Saving at Your Local Whole Foods
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Tips for Saving at Your Local Whole Foods

Posted on Thursday, October 25th, 2012 at 9:00 am
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tips for Saving at Your Local Whole FoodsIf you’re fortunate enough to have a Whole Foods in your community, you know they are a great resource for finding the best all natural and organic foods. They also offer a fantastic selection of beauty products, vitamin supplements, and more! Of course, as with many health and specialty stores, many of their products come at a higher price tag than traditional grocery stores. If you love Whole Foods, try following some of our tips for saving money:

The Whole DealWhole Food’s monthly newsletter features a collection of in store deals along with tons of coupons. The Whole Deal can be found online or can be picked up in store. Since The Whole Deal is a monthly publication, you can use the coupons over and over. So, if you want to buy an item again later in the month, print out another coupon and save again!

Manufacturer CouponsIn addition to using Whole Foods’ coupons, many stores accept manufacturer coupons. Look for coupons for your favorite brands for additional savings. You can also browse our weekly Whole Foods Matchup for the latest savings.

Utilize Social Media – Many Whole Foods stores use social media to let customers know of special deals and promotions available in their individual stores. Check sites like Facebook or Twitter for your local Whole Foods

Buy in Bulk – Whole Foods has a great selection of dry goods in bulk. Stock up on things like rice, cereal, nuts, and more. In buying by the pound, you’ll ensure you always have your favorite item on hand while saving money thanks to reduced packaging.

Bring Your Reusable BagIn certain stores, customers who bring reusable bags receive a 5 to 10 cent discount per bag on their overall purchase.

Sample – Sometimes you’ll find free in-store samples of many of their goods. Sampling is a great way to decide if you like a product before buying it. When a sample is offered, chances are that product is on sale, or they are offering a coupon for it.

Buy the Whole Food Store BrandWhole Foods produces the 365 Everyday Value brand. 365 Everyday Value is produced by Whole Foods and is committed to delivering natural and organic goods at prices you can afford. Instead of reaching for name brand organic foods, try the Whole Foods brand instead to save money.

Stick To Your List – Whole Foods has a reputation for being expensive. They also carry many tempting goodies. Stick to your shopping list to ensure you don’t spend any unnecessary money.

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