Tips for Keeping Flowers Fresh
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Tips for Keeping Flowers Fresh

Posted on Wednesday, May 6th, 2015 at 7:00 am
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purple anemonesWhat are you giving your mom this Mother’s Day? One of the most traditional gifts is a bouquet of fresh flowers. Many mothers are happy to receive a vase of fresh, colorful, flowers from their child. The only problem with flowers is that they will not last very long. Here are some tips for keeping flowers fresh.

Potted Flowers
The main reason why flowers don’t stay fresh for very long is because they have been removed from the ground. They cannot get the nutrients they need and are unable to grow. It is the same reason why real Christmas trees don’t stay fresh forever.

One way to ensure that the flowers you give you mother stay fresh is to buy her a lovely flower that is growing it it’s own pot. She can give it water, put nutrients into the soil, and give the flower some sunlight. Moms that like to garden can add the flower to a window box display of flowers. They won’t last forever, but will outlive cut flowers.

Skip the Delivery
It is super easy to go online, pick out a nice bouquet of flowers, and have the seller ship them to your mother. Those of you who live far away from mom might not have many other options than to have flowers delivered. Unfortunately, there have been situations where delivered flowers arrive looking wilted (or rotten).

For best results, pick up the flowers yourself. Buy some from your local flower shop. It is also possible to buy nice bouquets of flowers from some grocery stores. Bring the flowers directly to your mom before they have a chance to wilt.

Flowers from your Garden
Would you like to share some of the flowers that are growing in your garden with your mom? Make sure you gather them at the right time. You will want to collect them during the coolest parts of the day – early morning or late evening. Bring them to your mom as quickly as possible.

Flower Maintenance
Are you a mom who will receive a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day? A little bit of effort can stretch the length of time that those flowers will stay fresh. Start by removing the leaves that have gotten submerged in water. Those leaves are going to rot and harm the flowers.

Trim the bottom of the flower while it is still underwater. The cut should have a 45 degree angle. Cut about 1 or 2 inches off each stem. This will help the flowers to intake water. (It’s similar to a technique that is used to keep real Christmas trees fresh). Keep the flowers out of sunlight and heat or they will begin to wilt and die.

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