Three Twins
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Three Twins

Posted on Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 at 3:21 pm
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Three Twins has been making “inconceivably delicious ice cream” in Northern California since 2005.  They use certified organic ingredients.  The milk and cream they use comes from family farms that are located within 17 miles of their California factory.  Their products do not contain artificial colorings, artificial flavors, stabilizers, corn syrup, seaweed derivatives, fractional milk products or whey.  Three Twins makes ice cream that comes in flavors like: Bittersweet Chocolate, Chocolate Orange Confetti, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies and Cream, Dad’s Cardamom, Fair Trade Vanilla Bean Speak, Lemon Cookie, Madagascar Vanilla, Mint Confetti, Mocha Difference, and Sea Salted Caramel.  You can buy ten of these flavors in pints, three in single-serve cups, and two of them in 1.5 quart packages.  Three Twins does have an online shop that you can purchase their ice cream from.  A pack of 4 pints is $45.00.  A pack of 6 pints is $60.00. Or, you can have 100 pints personally delivered to you by Neal, the founding Twin, for $3,333.33.

Foods that are organic were grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, or ionizing radiation.  Organic foods are GMO free.  Many people are avoiding foods that contain artificial colors and flavors because those ingredients are not natural.  Whey, which is not used in Three Twins ice cream, is a milk protein that a lot of people are allergic to.  The Three Twins factory is located in Petaluma, California.  The company got its name because the founders, Neal Gottlieb and Carl Gottlieb are twins. They were living in a San Francisco area apartment with Carl’s fiancee, Liz.  They thought of their place as “Three Twins” and decided to use that name for their ice cream company.

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