The Mighty Flax Seed!
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The Mighty Flax Seed!

Posted on Friday, July 12th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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Flax SeedFlax seeds offer a quick and easy way to add more nutrition to yogurts, cereals, smoothies and more! These seeds may be tiny, but they are extremely nutritious. A tablespoon of flax seeds provides the human body with a large amount of needed antioxidants, fiber, and Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

These powerful seeds have a healthy combination of fat and high fiber content that makes it a great food for weight loss and maintenance. The seeds are very low in carbohydrates. Many dieters have found that flax seed has been a key to keeping them feeling satisfied.  Omega-3 essential fatty acids, are “good” fats that have been shown to have heart-healthy effects. These oils can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and can help with menstrual cramps for women. With the population recently discovering the health benefits of the tiny seed, the consumer demand for flax seed and agricultural uses have grown. Farmers have started feeding flax seeds to their chickens, which gives us eggs with higher levels of omega-3 acids.

Reap the benefits of the nutritious seeds by buying it in bulk, either whole or ground, at many health conscious grocery stores. Refrigerating whole seeds extends their freshness. By doing so, this will prevent the Omega 3 oils from going rancid. If you bought whole seeds at the store and want to grind them at home, it’s an easy process! Seeds can be ground in a coffee grinder and then stored in an airtight container for several months.

Flax seeds can be added to many foods throughout the day. You can add flax seed to your hot or cold breakfast cereals and yogurts. Try adding toasted flax seeds to salads and soups for a satisfying crunch. Add a teaspoon of ground flax seed into mayonnaise or mustard when making sandwiches. Combine breadcrumbs with ground flax seeds and use the mixture to coat fish or chicken.  You can always bake ground flax seed into cookies, muffins, breads, and other baked goods. Keep on the look out for flax seed oil in stores. Although the oil doesn’t have all of the same health benefits as the seed alone, it does contain omega-3 acids. If you purchase flax seed oil, make note that it is very perishable, so keep it refrigerated. Flax seed oil can be added to everyday dishes and snacks like salad dressing, steamed vegetables, potatoes, and rice. Even pour some into a morning smoothie for the extra nutrition.



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