Thanksgiving Foods that Might Contain Eggs
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Thanksgiving Foods that Might Contain Eggs

Posted on Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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EggsThanksgiving is a holiday that many people celebrate by having a huge dinner with their families. There are specific types of food that people expect will be served. Of course, there is also room for non-traditional foods to be included as well. All of it can potentially be dangerous for people with food allergies. Here is a quick look at some Thanksgiving foods that might contain eggs.

Dinner Rolls
Without a doubt, the dinner rolls served at Thanksgiving dinner will contain egg. Unfortunately, egg is a main ingredient in bread. If the person who is hosting Thanksgiving dinner picked up pre-made rolls at the grocery store it is extremely likely that the rolls contain eggs.

Odds are the stuffing served at Thanksgiving dinner also contains eggs. One of the ingredients in stuffing is bread (or croutons). Each can contain eggs. In addition to that, many types of stuffing call for an additional egg to be mixed into them.

Mashed Potatoes
This one is “iffy”. Mashed potatoes, made from scratch, should not contain egg. They should be mostly made of potato with some butter or milk mixed in. The problem is that many boxed mashed potatoes do contain egg. It is part of the pre-packaged mix and impossible to separate out.

If you feel comfortable, ask the host if the mashed potatoes came from a box. If the host understands food allergies, he or she will not be offended. It is possible the host will still have the box that you can look at and read the ingredients. When in doubt, skip the mashed potatoes.

Pumpkin Pie
Sadly, pumpkin pie contains egg. It is in the mixture of the pie filling and may also be in the crust. One way to get around this problem is to make your own egg-free pumpkin pie and bring it to Thanksgiving dinner to share with everyone.

Snack Trays
Sometimes, it takes a while before Thanksgiving dinner is ready. Many hosts will provide a tray of snacks for guests to munch on while they wait. The fresh vegetables are egg free. However, the veggie dip may not be. Some are made with mayonnaise – which definitely contains egg.

The crackers on the snack tray are most likely made with egg as one of the ingredients. Does your family serve deviled eggs as a pre-Thanksgiving dinner snack? It goes without saying that those are not safe for people who have food allergies. Beware of cross-contamination. Those eggs may have touched other food that normally would not contain eggs.

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