Target is Shifting to Promote Healthier Foods
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Target is Shifting to Promote Healthier Foods

Posted on Wednesday, June 10th, 2015 at 8:09 am
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Target Logo (Matchups)Take a minute think about what kinds of products were on the endcaps at the grocery store. Chances are, those highly visible shelves were filled with sugary cereals and other processed foods. Things might be changing in the near future. There are signs that some stores will be shifting towards promoting healthier foods.

There has been a trend towards foods that are natural over foods that are processed. More and more people have become interested in feeding their families healthy foods. One problem with doing that, though, is that fresh, healthy, foods tend to be more expensive than the sugar filled processed kinds.

When you look for coupons, what do you see? The products on the coupons probably come from the big food manufacturers. Your chance of finding a coupon for a box of potato flakes is much greater than finding a coupon for actual potatoes.

Things might be about to change, and that shift is starting at Target. The store has stated that it will be shifting its focus to healthier food selections while de-emphasizing the processed foods by big-name brands.

In addition, Target is likely to place a greater emphasis on its own private label brands. That could include Simply Balanced which contains no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or trans fats. The brand “avoids high fructose corn syrup”. Most, if not all, of the products in this brand are GMO free.

Why is Target making this change? One reason is because it wants put less money and effort into promoting the big brands. Instead, it wants to put that into its own brands. This is in response to the changes that have occurred what people are buying. Canned Soup, for example, has been on the decline and will be de-emphasized.

Processed foods, such as the ones that come from Kraft or General Mills, will get less emphasis. Target’s own brands will get more emphasis, and so will fancy sauces and oils. The brands that fall to the bottom of the list won’t get featured as frequently in circulars or in stores. There’s a chance you might see sales on the healthier brands, and perhaps even some coupons for them.

Now, this change doesn’t mean Target is going to drop all the foods that you are familiar with. But, it might be shifting away from putting effort into promoting some of them. As always, when one supermarket makes a change in response to what customers are buying, there is a possibility that others will decide to follow that same trend – and make the same kinds of changes.

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