Superfoods for the Month of March
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Superfoods for the Month of March

Posted on Friday, March 1st, 2013 at 8:00 am
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fruitMarch is the time of year where the weather finally begins to warm up as spring begins mid-month. Unfortunately, the change in weather often causes many to fall victim to the common cold. While washing your hands and ensuring you get a good night’s sleep, the best way to remain healthy is through eating right! One way to stay extra healthy is to stock up on superfoods. March boasts several delicious foods that are at the peak of their season and pack quite the nutritional punch! Here are just a few:


Few things refresh or cool you down quite like a delicious chilled melon. The honeydew melons begin coming into season in March. Not only are they sweet and juicy, but they’re a great source of vitamin C! In fact, a single wedge provides more than half of your recommended daily amount. You want to be sure the melon you enjoy is ripe. Enjoy this delicious green melon as is, or try tossing it into a salad for a delicious twist!


This odd looking veggie is not only great for you, but its versatile and super delicious! Artichokes are a great source of fiber, potassium and folate. They’re great grilled or steamed. You can also add artichoke hearts to anything from pizza to your favorite salads or soups. If you’re going to enjoy the artichoke as a side-dish or appetizer, try dipping it in something healthy like lemon juice instead of the popular butter or mayonnaise options.


Peas are a delicious vegetable that can be thrown in just about anything while delivering tons of nutrients to keep you healthy! Peas are a great source of protein and vitamins A and C. You can enjoy them as a side-dish or toss some in your favorite salad, soup, pasta, chili, and more!

Fava Beans

Fava beans actually have a pretty short window where they are in season. They come into season in late March and only last through early May, so now is the time to enjoy them! Fava beans are a great source of folate, thiamine and zinc as well. You can add them to omelets, salads, pasta dishes, soups, and casseroles!

Other superfoods for March include rutabagas, white asparagus, and a pretty unknown fruit called cherimoya. Stocking up on all of the superfoods mentioned or even just one is a great way to ensure you’re feeling great and keeping your immune system in tip-top shape during cold season. Enjoy!

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