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Posted on Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 at 9:55 am
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Sunfood is the world’s leading producer of high-quality superfoods. They also feature an extensive line of organic, raw products, dried fruits, nuts, teas and spices, and supplements and personal care items. They source all of their ingredients from organic farms that are free from genetic modification. Each and every product is designed by experts to keep you feeling good on the inside and looking great on the outside. Since 1995, Sunfood has remained committed to working with food experts and enthusiasts to develop the best products for their customers as well as educational materials and dietary advice. Sunfood is still independently owned and operated to ensure all of their products are as high quality and natural as the day they started.

All of Sunfood’s products can be purchased in their online marketplace. Prices range from as low as $3.00 for individual snack pouches to as high as $100 for a 5 lb. bag of raw nuts. Visit the official Sunfood website for ordering information and full details on all of their products. Sunfood operates out of San Diego, California.

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