Simple Ways to Conserve Water
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4 Simple Ways to Conserve Water

Posted on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Need to cut down on the amount of water you use?  Here are some simple ways to conserve water.  Every little bit helps!Is the state you live in experiencing a drought? Conserving water is good for the planet. Not everyone understands how much water gets thoughtlessly wasted. Fortunately, conserving water can be done in very simple ways. Use less water and you will end up saving money on your water bill.

4 Ways to Conserve Water

Skip the Refills
There are many restaurants that automatically serve customers a full glass of water (with ice) the moment they are seated. That’s fine for people who are intending to drink water with their meal. Those who want to order a different type of beverage don’t typically drink the glass of water. It gets poured down the drain and wasted.

You can conserve water by asking your server not to bring you any. Order your beverage of choice, and make it clear that you do not want an additional glass of water. If you plan on drinking water with your meal, then you need to pay attention to how often the server refills it. Ask for a half-glass refill, or tell the server to stop refilling it, when you are not going to drink anymore.

Chill the Glasses
We go through a lot of water when we make ice cubes. Instead of using water to make a beverage cold, consider chilling the glass instead. Put the glass into the freezer for a little while. Or, start using one of those special mugs that are made of plastic and that are designed to be placed in the freezer. A liquid that is in between layers of the plastic freezes and removes the need for ice cubes.

Don’t Wash Your Car
It can be really difficult for many people to skip the car wash! People tend to feel embarrassed if their car is dirty. Keep in mind that the typical car wash uses a whole lot of water that could be used in better ways. A clean car is not a necessity.

Clean your windows by using a window cleaner and some paper towels. Or, use the window washing tool at the gas station the next time you fill up the tank. Stay safe by making sure you can see out of your windows.

Water the Lawn in the Morning
The best time to water your lawn in early in the day between the hours of 6:00 and 8:00 in the morning. The temperature in the morning is typically the coolest and least windy time of day. This means that the water you apply is less likely to be lost to evaporation.

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