Pomi Tomatoes
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Pomi Tomatoes

Posted on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012 at 9:15 am
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Pomi brings fresh Italian tomato products to your kitchen in convenient packaging that is better for the planet and for your family. Sealed in germ-free, carton style packaging, Pomi products are free from BPA, which is often found in the aluminum cans tomato products are traditionally packaged in. Their carton packaging is also more environmentally friendly and leaves a smaller carbon footprint than the production of glass jars or cans.

Pomi’s tomatoes come from farms committed to following environmentally beneficial practices that promote the welfare of each and every employee. Their line of tomato products and sauces come from natural, sun-ripened tomatoes, and they contain no preservatives, citric acid, artificial flavors, or added water. Pomi is recognized around the world and is used by world-renowned chefs in their gourmet dishes. Check fine grocery and all-natural food stores for Pomi products. Pomi’s corporate offices are located in Matawan, New Jersey.

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