Organic Flower Guide – August
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Organic Flower Guide – August

Posted on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 at 4:49 pm
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Magnolia flowerAs summer winds down, we have many beautiful autumn blooms to look forward to. In August, many gorgeous buds are still visible. Buying organic or seasonal flowers is a great way to save some money and do you part for the environment! August brides have many fantastic flowers to look forward to for their big day!

Here are a few flowers you can enjoy during the month of August along with some fun facts on each:


Magnolia flowers are characterized by big, bold blooms. They are fragrant and available in many colors. Each color of flower represents a different meaning. White magnolia flowers symbolize purity and perfection while pink magnolias represent youth, innocence and joy. Purple magnolias are believed to assist in wishes of luck and health. In the US, the magnolia flower is often associated with the south. These fragrant blossoms are also associated with beauty, perseverance, nobility and dignity, which make them a great wedding flower!


Aside from waxy leaves and delicate white petals, gardenias are characterized by a powerful, lovely fragrance. Gardenias are lovely in bouquets and will bring a fresh, floral fragrance into your home. They have been known to symbolize, joy, ecstasy, purity and peace. In a wedding or special event setting, gardenias are great in corsages or boutonnieres and look great in low-profile centerpieces.

Sweet Pea

The delicate sweet pea blossoms grow on a thin green vine. Like magnolias, sweet peas feature a sweet fragrant scent. They are a beloved flower in England. Sweet peas are available in many different colors including white, cream, apricot, pale pink, dark pink, red, lavender or purple. They symbolize everlasting pleasures making them a great addition to bouquets, centerpieces, and much more!


The tall, dolphin-shaped Delphinium is also known as “Larkspur.” The name, ‘Delphinium’ is derived from the Green work for dolphin. They were used by Native Americans and European settlers to make blue dye. In addition to a deep blue color, delphinium is also available in white, pink, lavender and purple.  These tall blossoms add a bit of height to any arrangement and can lend a country-garden feeling to any wedding or special occasion. Delphinium symbolizes well-being or sweetness and is also the July birth flower.

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