Oregon Chai
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Oregon Chai

Posted on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 at 3:53 pm
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Oregon Chai makes delicious chai teas and espresso latte concentrates. The original Oregon Chai was made when the founder visited the Himalayas and indulged in their rich, creamy, spiced tea known as chai. She returned to the US and began working on developing her own interpretation of chai tea. Remaining true to her Oregonian roots, Oregon Chai was born. All of Oregon Chai’s products are made using the finest organic and all-natural ingredients. Most of their concentrates are 90% organic and bear the official USDA Organic seal.

Oregon Chai is also committed to producing their teas in a responsible way. They source all of their ingredients from sustainable farms and plantations and make sure that all of their packaging is made with over 50% recycled materials. Oregon Chai has also worked to ensure all of their products are packed with a high product-to-package ratio. For example, if you buy a carton of Oregon Chai concentrate, you take home 94% product and only 6% packaging. Not only is this better for the environment, but it’s better for your pocketbook too!

Oregon Chai’s concentrates, tea bags, powders, and espresso concentrates range in price from about $4.00 to a little over $5.00. Prices may vary in individual stores. Visit the official Oregon Chai website to order directly from them or to find out where you can find any of their products in a store near you. Oregon Chai operates out of Tualatin, Oregon.

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