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Oregon Cafe

Posted on Friday, July 5th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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Oregon CafeOregon Café welcomes the everyday consumer to a world of organic, delicious, and easy espresso lattes that can be made at home. The company prides itself on two words— Instant gratification. Oregon Café products are simply mixed into your own milk and water, which in turn contributes to using energy more efficiently. According to the product site, the company uses organic and 100% natural ingredients as much as possible. Many items are independently Certified Organic and sanctioned by the USDA. The company states that their natural ingredients are only sourced from farms and plantations where organic agriculturists foster the recycling of resources and are committed to promoting ecological balance. New Oregon Cafe Espresso Concentrates are premium crafted with the finest espresso, natural flavors and a touch of cane sugar.  The company has a variety of concentrates, tea bags, and powdered mixes. The products have been designed to have very high product-to-package ratios. The company saves the environment one canister or carton at a time because all packaging material is made with responsibly sourced materials, never using old-growth trees or rainforests. The café and chai cartons are even recyclable in all 50 states! Prices of the products vary, however most are under $10. Visit their official website for more information or search for their products in a store near you.

If you’re a fan of chai tea, try Oregon Chai!

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