O.N.E Coconut Water
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O.N.E Coconut Water

Posted on Wednesday, October 10th, 2012 at 11:33 am
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O.N.E started out as a plan to deliver a delicious, healthy, all-natural coconut water drink to US customers. Soon after launching the business, O.N.E Coconut Water became one of the top selling drink alternatives available on the market. Aside from being extremely hydrating, coconut water is naturally packed with potassium and essential electrolytes. It contains no fat or calories, so it’s the perfect complement to your healthy, active lifestyle. O.N.E also offers coconut water with a splash. They start out with their original coconut water and add delicious fruit juices like pineapple, guava, and mango. O.N.E Coconut Water sponsors “Team Move,” which is a collection of athletes who drink O.N.E products to fuel their athletic lifestyle.

Currently, O.N.E. Coconut Water products can be found in grocery stores and convenience stores nationwide. Visit the official O.N.E website for more information on where you can find any of their products in a store near you. According to their official marketplace, O.N.E drinks sell for around $1.75 each. Prices may vary in individual stores. O.N.E Coconut Water operates out of Los Angeles, California.

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