Non-Dairy Milk Substitutes. A Quick and Easy Guide.
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Non-Dairy Milk Substitutes. A Quick and Easy Guide.

Posted on Monday, April 29th, 2013 at 11:53 am
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Non-dairy substitutes.

It can get confusing.

This info graphic  helps lay out some alternatives.

We at aim to highlight alternatives while also bringing you free printable coupons for savings on those products. We bring you highlights on Organic and Natural Brands that provide organic and natural alternatives to products you are currently buying.

You will find descriptions of Brands such as Pacific Natural Foods (Hazelnut, 7-Grain, Oat Milk), Rice Dream, Blue Diamond (Almond Breeze), Eden Foods (EdenSoy), Thai Kitchen (Thai Coconut milk), and Hempmilk (Tempt) in our Natural Living Directory.

We also have A Guide to Dairy Alternatives you may find useful.

Whether you’ve already switched or are thinking of switching to a non-dairy alternative, understanding the difference between all of your options is pretty important. This graphic provides simple descriptions to these alternatives.

Check our Natural Living Zone for Natural and Organic Coupons and Deals.

Image Source:  TheHealthyGreenMama

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