Natural Ways to Decorate Your Table This Thanksgiving
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Natural Ways to Decorate Your Table This Thanksgiving

Posted on Thursday, October 31st, 2013 at 2:33 pm
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Check out some easy, frugal, all-natural ways to decorate your table for Thanksgiving!Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to start thinking about Thanksgiving (if you haven’t already). While the meal is usually the main focus, another factor to consider is how you’ll decorate your dinner table. The setting on which you set your turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, etc. could make a huge impact when done just right.

Instead of buying tons of paper turkeys or plastic decorations, why not give a few natural options a try? During the month of November, you should be able to find plenty of warm, colorful items you could pull inside to dress your table up. You should also find some great pieces in your store’s produce aisle that you can eventually cook up!

Natural Thanksgiving Decorations

Pumpkins and Squash

Pumpkins, squash and other gourds are a perfect example of items you can easily find to dress up your table. Have some of those little pumpkins laying around from October? If they’re still good, use them to decorate the center of your table. You can also write names on the fronts of them with a permanent marker and use them as place cards.

Butternut squash or other gourds are other great examples of items you can use. Once the holiday is over, you can use them in other seasonal dishes.


Do you live in an area where plenty of colorful leaves have fallen from the trees? Why not bring a few in? You can rinse them off and spread them around your table for beautiful pops of color!


Acorns can be used a variety of ways. You can scatter them around the table or cut notches in them to hold place cards. You can also place them in large candle holders with a candle in the center for a nice centerpiece.

Fall Flowers

Flowers are a simple way to add beauty to any space. Try buying seasonal flowers in the colors of the season (yellow, red, and orange). Chrysanthemum is the birth flower of November and would be beautiful when mixed with orange or red roses or golden colored daisies. Stick them all in a clear vase, and voila!

Soy Candles

Candles always make great table decorations. Instead of buying traditional candles packed with artificial fragrance and soot, why not consider buying some soy candles and tea lights? They’re much better for the environment and are much better for the air you breathe!

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