Natural Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day
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Natural Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Posted on Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and couples everywhere are scrambling to get just the right gift for that special someone in their lives. While we agree that it’s the thought that counts, you can make your gift count even more by purchasing something organic or eco-friendly. Not only could it be much better for the environment, but it could end up being a more personalized gift. Here are some ideas:

Eco-Twist on the Classics

Flowers and chocolate are pretty much the standard gift on Valentine’s Day. You can still give one or both of these gifts but in a more environmentally responsible way. Each year, flowers are farmed so that we can get any variety or bloom at any time of year. Just like with food, it’s much better to buy organic flowers. These flowers are grown seasonally without the use of pesticides or herbicides.

With chocolate, look for organic or fair trade varieties. Check out our special blog on chocolate.

Get Creative with Keepsakes

If you’re one to stash keepsakes from special moments throughout your relationship, you can create a beautiful collage to display them all. You can glue or attach pictures, movie ticket stubs, dried flowers, etc. to a piece of paper or cardboard and place it in an old frame.

Cook Up A Delicious Gift!

Cooking is an easy and personal way to show someone you care. Whether you decide to prepare a whole meal or bake up a delicious dessert, you’re loved one will definitely appreciate it! Cook with organic ingredients and set the table with some reusable linens and organic soy candlesticks to set a romantic mood. Not only do you get to enjoy a nice homemade meal, but you can have some nice alone time without having to deal with overcrowded restaurants on Valentine’s Day.

Have Playing Cards Lying Around?

If you have unused or incomplete decks of playing cards you can use them to create something fun and personalized for your loved one. One option is to simply write 52 things you love about your significant other with one thing written on each card. The other is to write out fun things he/she can redeem the card for. Maybe one card entitles them to a kiss or a night out. With both options, punch a hole in the corner and tie together with a ribbon.

Seed Packets

Buy an organic seed packet and write a nice message on the outside of the packet. You can plant the seeds and take care of the plant together and “watch your love grow.”

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