Natural and Eco-Friendly Gifts for Mom
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Natural and Eco-Friendly Gifts for Mom

Posted on Monday, May 6th, 2013 at 4:37 pm
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This year, while you’re showing your mom some love on Mother’s Day, do Mother Earth a favor and buy her an all-natural or eco-friendly gift! Instead of buying you mom the same thing as last year, why not try one of these great ideas?

Soy Candles

Traditional scented candles can be somewhat controversial. Some candles are petroleum-based and many of the artificial scents used to make your house smell nice may be harmful. Instead, look for soy candles scented with essential oils. Soy-based wax burns much cleaner than traditional candles and they eliminate soot.

Organic Flowers

May brings with it many beautiful seasonal flowers your mom will love! Pick up an organic bouquet at your local florist, or visit the farmer’s market to find some pesticide-free blooms. Place them in a beautiful vase you picked up at a dollar store or thrift shop and voila! You’ve got yourself a frugal eco-friendly gift for mom!

Seeds or Houseplants

Does your mom enjoy gardening? Buy her some organic seeds or plants to put in her garden. You can also get mom a beautiful organic houseplant she will love all year long without ever having to leave the house!

Yoga Gift Certificate

Most moms of young kids are pretty stressed. Giving any mom the gift of relaxation might just be the best gift of all! Yoga is a great way to unwind while stretching and building strength. Talk to a yoga studio in your community and buy her a gift certificate for a single class or a series of them. If she isn’t already a yoga advocate, chances are she’ll be hooked after her first class!

Natural Beauty Products

Instead of buying mom a collection of lotions and perfumes made with scary chemicals, consider buying beauty products from companies like Alba Botanica, Burt’s Bees, or Gud. These products are made with natural ingredients. Soothing scents like lavender or chamomile lotions will help her relax throughout the day!

Organic Fair Trade Chocolates

Look for some organic, fair trade chocolates to cure mom’s sweet tooth! You can find great brands like Green & Black’s Chocolate or Endangered Species Chocolate at many local health food stores.

What Else?

If any of these don’t fit your mom, try buying a card made from recycled paper. You can also take her for a picnic at your local park. Have an active mom? Take her to a new great hiking spot you’ve discovered, or simply take care of things at home and let her go on a bike ride on her own. She may just enjoy a little bit of quiet alone time.

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