National School Lunch Week: Making Good Choices
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National School Lunch Week: Making Good Choices

Posted on Monday, October 14th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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School LunchIts official, National School Lunch Week has arrived and we’ll be celebrating it October 14 through 18th. Now it is true that some school lunch programs don’t provide the healthiest options, but we’re here to give some advice to you so you can impart it upon your children in regards to picking the best school lunch. Not only does lunch provide the energy your children need to finish up their day at school, but it should be providing one-third of your child’s daily intake for calories, vitamins and minerals. To make the best possible choice at lunchtime we thought it’d be helpful to provide some easy and helpful tips.

Tip #1: Avoid Fried Foods

Despite school lunch programs offering healthy food options there are plenty of unhealthy ones too. Instead of loading up on fried foods encourage your child to load up on fruits, veggies, lean meats, whole wheat breads, and whole grains. In fact, eating fried foods can leave your child feeling tired and sluggish for the rest of the day which will definitely hinder their learning.

Tip #2: Skip the Soda

That’s right, skip the soda. As much as your child will hate to hear this soda is not doing anything for them nutritionally. Studies have shown that the daily consumption of soda has been linked to a higher risk for metabolic syndromes that put individuals at a higher risk for heart disease. Furthermore soda has strong links to obesity and weight gain. Instead of guzzling down a can of soda your children should be choosing water or milk (non-fat preferably) to drink.

Tip #3: Snack Healthy

Even if your child does choose to eat some not-so-great foods for lunch that doesn’t mean they can’t get nutrition elsewhere. Try packing healthy snacks like fruits and veggies to help counteract bad lunchtime choices. If you want some more healthy snack inspiration check out our post “Healthy Back to School Snacks”.

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