Make Your Own Frozen Treats This Memorial Day Weekend!
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Make Your Own Frozen Treats This Memorial Day Weekend!

Posted on Friday, May 24th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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Homemade popsiclesMemorial Day kicks off the beginning of warmer weather and backyard barbecues. If you’re already feeling the heat, you may be looking for ways to cool off this weekend. Instead of buying sugary commercially made fruit pops, why not try and make some of your own? It’s super easy and doesn’t require much equipment or preparation. All you need is a frozen treat mold, some popsicle sticks, and ingredients like fresh fruit, juice, or yogurt. Simply add your ingredients into the mold, place a stick in, and put the mold into your freezer. After a few hours, you and your family can enjoy some great homemade fruit pops!

Basic fruit juice pops are probably the easiest. Either purchase some low-sugar or organic juice and place it in the mold. If you like, you can add diced fruit to the mix or combine two or more juices for a refreshing fruity treat.

Another way to make your own fruit pops is to blend fruits into a puree. With this method, you can add other delicious ingredients like honey or fresh mint for a different twist on the traditional fruit pop. Pour the pureed mixture into your molds and let them sit in the freezer.

Adding regular or Greek yogurt is a great way to enjoy a creamy treat similar to a Creamsicle. You can combine the yogurt with your favorite fruit in a blender and puree. Pudding also makes delicious creamy pops.

There are tons of great recipes online including Women’s Health magazine and Rodale News. Try some out this weekend. Make the preparation a family activity. Your kids will have a blast creating their very own frozen treats!

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