Late July
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Late July

Posted on Friday, October 5th, 2012 at 9:42 am
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Late July creates delicious, organic, snacks that the whole family will enjoy!  It is a family owned company.  All of their products are USDA organic and wear the organic seal.  Their products include multigrain snack chips that come in three flavors: Seal Salt Seashore, Dude Ranch, and Mild Green Mojo.  All are gluten free and made with whole grains.  They make Organic Bite Size Sandwich Crackers with real organic white cheddar cheese, or peanut butter.  They also make sandwich cookies that come in flavors like Vanilla Bean with Green Tea, or White Chocolate.  All Late July foods have no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, and no preservatives.  You cannot buy Late July products through their website because they took down their online store in March of 2012.  It is possible to get some of their foods online from and other sources.  Prices may vary depending on where you buy their foods from.

Foods that are organic were grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, or ionizing radiation.  Organic foods are GMO free.  Multigrain foods are a good way to get some fiber in your diet.  Many people want to avoid foods that have artificial flavors, artificial colors, or preservatives because foods with natural ingredients are a better way to stay healthy.  Late July Organic Snacks has its headquarters in Barnstable, Massachusetts.  Late July Organic Snacks feels so strongly about making sure that foods have all their ingredients on their labels, including GMOs, that they donated $25,000 to the California Right to Know Initiative.





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