Is Switching to Natural Pet Food Worth It?
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Is Switching to Natural Pet Food Worth It?

Posted on Monday, October 22nd, 2012 at 11:22 am
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Is Switching to Natural Pet Food Worth It?For humans, making the switch to an organic or natural diet has been shown to improve energy levels, complexion, and overall health and well-being. The same can be said for your dog or cat!

Many commercial pet food brands on the market today are packed with mystery ingredients your dog or cat never evolved to eat in the first place. Some of the less expensive brands include fillers like corn, wheat, soybeans, and the discarded parts of meat products such as chicken beaks. Your furry friend is not built to digest many of these filler ingredients. Often, you’ll notice your pet getting sick to their stomach more often, which may result in costly visits to the vet.

Some animals may even be allergic to some of the ingredients found in pet food. If your pet has a mystery rash or itch that special shampoos or topical sprays can’t seem to solve, the problem might just be coming from their food.

Making the switch to organic, natural, or holistic pet foods may solve many of your dog or cat’s health issues. If you notice issues with digestion, energy, allergies, or weight, try switching to a better dog or cat food to see if any of these problems improve. You’ll probably notice that your pet has more energy, better breath, a shiny coat, an improved immune system, and much more!

If the cost of natural pet food has you down, consider the amount you’d save if you weren’t visiting the vet as often. Plus, your pet won’t have to eat as much food in one sitting since the natural foods are packed with quality ingredients that your pet’s body will actually use. With cheaper brands, your pet has to eat more since many of the fillers aren’t used in the animal’s body and are simply discarded.

Try contacting natural pet food brands and asking if they have any special coupons or promotions. Let them know you’re interested in making the switch. If you already love a brand, send them an email letting them know. You may just get a coupon out of it. You can also try following a brand on your favorite social networking site. Often, companies feature special offers exclusively for those who follow their brand on sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Setting costs aside, chances are your pet is a critical part of your family, and you want them to live a long, healthy, and happy life. Switching to a better pet food may be just what you need to ensure that happens. So, if your budget allows for it, make the switch. Your furry friend will thank you for it!

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