Hot Weather Safety Tips for Pet Owners
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Hot Weather Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Posted on Wednesday, July 30th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Hot summer weather can be very dangerous for your pets!  Here are some tips that will help pet owners keep their pets safe when the weather is hot.The hot summer weather is going to be with us for at least a few more weeks. Pet owners need to pay close attention to their pets and make sure that the hot weather is not causing them harm. Here are some hot weather safety tips for pet owners.

How to Keep Your Pet Safe in the Summer

The Humane Society of the United States points out that you should never leave a pet inside a parked car. Not even for a minute! The temperatures inside a parked car can get dangerously hot very quickly. Please realize that leaving the air conditioning on in the car, as you dash into the store, is an insufficient way to combat the heat. Pets can, and do, die from exposure to excessive heat.

They also suggest that pet owners provide their pets with plenty of shade and ample water if the pet is going to be outside. Add some ice cubes to the water in their bowl to help them cool off. You may want to give them extra water when they come back inside from the heat. Access to water can help prevent your pet from becoming dehydrated.

WebMD strongly recommends that you visit the veterinarian in the summer so that he or she can give your pets a check-up. Ask your vet to teach you the signs of overheating in your pet – and what to do if you see those signs. Some pet owners, whose pets spend a lot of time outdoors, may want to speak with the vet about a safe method of flea and tick control.

The ASPCA has some advice that pet owners may not have thought about. Make sure to check your window screens to ensure that they are securely attached. Always close the screen door all the way if you are going to be leaving your door open.

There is an increase of injured animals during warmer months. Cats lean against the screen on an open window. If that screen isn’t properly attached, the cat could fall out the window and become injured. Screen doors that aren’t shut all the way could enable a pet to go outside without the owner realizing it. Unattended pets can end up injured if they run into streets.

They also suggest that you pay attention when you take your pet outside for a walk. The asphalt can become painfully hot when the temperature is high. Humans are protected from this heat by their shoes. Sadly, pets can end up with burned paw pads if they walk on super-heated asphalt. The heat from the asphalt can also cause your pet’s body temperature to heat up very quickly.

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