Healthy Snacks for School Lunches
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3 Healthy Snacks for School Lunches

Posted on Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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The lunch you pack for your child to take to school can include plenty of healthy, and tasty, snacks.  Try some of these ideas!What will your child be eating for lunch at school? Parents who want to make sure that their child has plenty of healthy choices will need to plan ahead. It’s easy to toss a small bag of chips into a lunchbox. It takes a bit more work to put together healthy, tasty, snacks for school lunches. Here are some suggestions to try out. You can always repeat them if it turns out to be one of your child’s favorite snacks!

Healthy School Snack Ideas

Quick Kebabs
This healthy snack might appeal to kids who are unable to finish an entire piece of fruit (or a whole sandwich) during their lunchtime at school. The recipe comes from Eating Well. It is for one serving, so you will need to repeat it if you are serving more than one Quick Kabob. You will need:

* 1/2 ounce roasted deli turkey (cubed)
* 1/2 ounce Cheddar cheese (cubed)
* 1/4 cup grapes
* 6 dried apricots
* Wooden skewers

Thread the turkey, cheese, grapes, and apricots onto the wooden skewer. It makes a nice mix of savory and sweet and is easy for kids to pull off and eat. Remind the kids to bring home the skewers if you want to reuse them.

Crunchy Cereal Trail Mix
Not all trail mix is equal! Some pre-mixed kinds have a lot of sugary pieces, and might also include salt. Substitute the less healthy trail mix with the Crunchy Cereal Trail Mix. The recipe comes from Delish. The recipe is for one serving, so repeat it if you need more than one. You will need:

* 1/4 cup of Cheerios
* 1 tablespoon of pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
* 2 teaspoons of raisins
* 2 teaspoons of semisweet mini chocolate chips

Mix them all together. Put them into a small plastic container that can be closed with a lid. Or, put the mix into a resealable lunch bag. Your child can repackage and bring home whatever her or she does not eat at school.

Other Options
Carrots are crunchy and a good alternative to crunchy potato chips or cheese curls. Put some baby carrots into your child’s lunch, or cut a large carrot into “coins”. Want your kid to have a wider variety of fresh veggies? Put an individual serving of salad dressing into a container (or purchase pre-made ones). Toss together a mixture of carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, or other crunchy vegetables to dip into the dressing.

Hard boiled eggs are a good source of protein. You kids may also enjoy string cheese or mini babybel cheese. Dairy foods provide calcium.

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