Halloween Treats That Aren't Candy
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Halloween Treats That Aren’t Candy

Posted on Wednesday, October 15th, 2014 at 7:00 am
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You don't have to hand out sugary candy to the trick-or-treaters that come to your door. There are plenty of healthy, and fun, things to hand out instead!

All treats and no tricks!

The trick-or-treaters that come to your door on Halloween are expecting to receive candy. Does it bother you to be handing out treats that are far from healthy? There are plenty of other options that you can pass out to trick-or-treaters that won’t harm their health. Here are some healthy food options for treats as well as some non-food options.

4 Non-Candy Halloween Treat Alternatives

Healthy Treats
Instead of candy, consider handing out individually sealed packages of these healthy treats:
* Boxes of raisins
* Small packages of fruit snacks
* Mini Lara Bars
* CLIF Kid ZBars
* Sugar free gum
* Snack packs of Goldfish crackers
* Snack packs of Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies
* Cheese sticks or string cheese

Non-Food Treats
Oriental Trading is a great place to order holiday items from. You can buy things in bulk. That helps keep the cost down. Right now, they are having a “Halloween Favorites $5.00 or Less” sale. Their products are sold in 72 pieces or 144 pieces.

* Glow in the dark Halloween tattoos
* Mini Jack-O’-Lantern Magic Springs (they look like orange slinkys)
* Monster tattoos
* Glitter Halloween Tattoos
* Scary Spiders (small, black, plastic spiders)
* Jumping Spiders (colorful plastic spiders that jump when you press down on their backs)
* Mini Iconic Halloween Spiral Notepads.
* Halloween decorated pencils (Kids can use them at school or for homework assignments.)

Another option would be to look for these kinds of treats at your local Dollar Store. Target also should have some Halloween items on sale in their $1.00 bins.

Did you know that November 1 is National Brush Your Teeth Day? The trick-or-treaters that come to your door might need a new toothbrush. Overstock.com is selling a bulk package of 144 toothbrushes that you can buy for less than $10.00. Some of the trick-or-treaters might be disappointed to get a toothbrush instead of candy – but their parents will be pleased!

Halloween Art
Older children can make little origami ghosts out of white paper. They are simple to make, fun to do, and will give parents and kids a craft project to work on together. Draw a silly face on the ghost after it has been folded. Hand out the little Halloween origami to trick-or-treaters. You can make several of these cute little ghosts out of one sheet of printer paper. Cut the printer paper into equally sized squares and you are ready to go!

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