Halloween Safety Tips
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Halloween Safety Tips

Posted on Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 at 7:00 am
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Halloween Candy PumpkinTrick-or-treating on Halloween is a once a year event that many kids look forward to. It can be incredibly fun, especially when the whole family gets involved. Halloween also has some inherent dangers that are not found at other times of the year. Here are some Halloween safety tips to consider.

General Safety Tips
It is a good idea to find out what the rules are for trick-or-treating where you live. Some places will have an official time that it can start and a “curfew” that signals the end of trick-or-treating. Make sure your children adhere to those rules.

Take a moment to make it absolutely clear to your children that they should not run across streets while trick-or-treating. It can be difficult for drivers to see people who pop out onto the road from between parked cars. Encourage your kids to use the crosswalks.

For best results, go trick-or-treating with your children. Walk them from house to house. Wait for them on the lawn or sidewalk and keep your eyes on them at all times. Your presence will prevent your child from being harassed by a stranger (child or adult). It will also prevent older kids from being tempted to run off and get into mischief with their friends.

Costume Safety Tips
Glow sticks and reflective tape are a great way to make your child more visible after the sun goes down. This safety tip is used by people who ride bikes or run at night. The bright reflective tape (and/or glow sticks) help drivers to see that there is a person in front of them.

Masks can be fun to wear. Unfortunately, they can also limit a person’s ability to see well. If your child must wear a mask, make sure that the eye openings in the mask are wide. Kids who wear masks that they cannot see very well out of are at risk of preventable injuries. In other words, they might trip over something that they usually would have seen and gone around.

Not all Halloween makeup is hypoallergenic. Parents may want to do a “test” by putting a small amount of the makeup on the back of a child’s hand. Watch for allergic reactions. Makeup that was used last Halloween, and then stored away, may have expired (or be full of bacteria).

Candy Safety Tips
Parents should closely check over all the candy that your child receives before you allow him or her to eat any of it. If it isn’t sealed, throw it away. Parents of kids who have food allergies may want to toss out all the candy that lacks an ingredient list.

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