Green Wedding Series: Eco-Friendly Favor Tips
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Green Wedding Series: Eco-Friendly Favor Tips

Posted on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013 at 4:15 pm
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Green Wedding Series: Eco-Friendly Catering Tips

Your guests will be traveling from far and wide to see you and your loved one tie the knot. Now, you have to try and find a nice favor to give your guests to say thanks. Fortunately, there are countless options including everything from paper fans, chocolates, mini wine bottles, picture frames and so much more. Unfortunately, these favors can get expensive. Plus, most guests will either leave the favor behind or toss it once they get home making it a less than eco-friendly choice. Here are a few tips to align your favors with the eco-friendly theme you may have going:

Donate to a Charity

Instead of offering individual favors to all of your guests, consider donating your favor budget to a charity. You can spread the message via word of mouth or print a small message on something you’ve already printed such as a program or menu. You can donate the money along with the names of all of your guests or simply make the contribution from “The Smith/Jones Wedding,” for example.

Offer Something Edible

Edible favors are a great gift to offer your guests. Items like chocolates or other candies can be enjoyed right at the table. Your guests will probably be more willing to throw the candies into a purse or jacket pocket instead of leaving them behind. Try buying from a natural or organic candy company. Great chocolate companies include Theo Chocolates, Green and Black Chocolates, and Bissingers.

Reusable Bags

One great idea is to give your guests a reusable shopping bag to take home. You can have them printed with initials or something that goes with the theme of your wedding. You can also choose to print them with something that represents the region you’re getting married in. For example, if you’re having a San Francisco wedding, have a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge added to the bag.

Plants or Seeds

Offering your guests favors such as a small plant or a packet of seeds is another way to keep your wedding “green.” The best part about giving your guests a small plant is that they double as table decorations! Small succulents are increasing in popularity and are pretty easy to keep alive once you bring it home.

Small packets of seeds are much easier for your guests to take home. You can choose the seeds for your favorite flower, herb, fruit or vegetable. You can also have the seed packet envelopes custom printed with a note of thanks or image of the couple.

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