Grandma Lucy’s
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Grandma Lucy’s

Posted on Friday, October 26th, 2012 at 10:39 am
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Since 1999, Grandma Lucy’s has been producing high quality, all-natural dog and cat food to keep your pet happy and healthy. Noticing some of the questionable ingredients in many commercial pet food brands, the founders of Grandma Lucy’s decided to craft a line of food for their dog Lucy, who suddenly became a picky eater later in life. Their collection of freeze-dried food, oven baked treats, and more are made with all-natural, human-grade ingredients, so you know exactly what you furry companion is eating. Most of Grandma Lucy’s food is freeze-dried. This process allows for all of their products to maintain a longer shelf-life. It also ensures that more nutrients stay in all of their products for maximum health benefits.

You can order any Grandma Lucy’s product directly from their website. You can also visit the site to learn where you can find any of their products in a store near you. Grandma Lucy’s dog and cat food range in price from around $30.00 for a 3 lb. bag to up to $100.00 for a 10 lb. bag depending on flavor or variety. Their line of dog and cat food treats range in price from $5.50 to around $11.00. Grandma Lucy’s operates out of Irvine, California.

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