Frugal & Natural Uses for Leftover Coffee
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Frugal & Natural Uses for Leftover Coffee

Posted on Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 at 10:38 am
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coffeeMany of us begin our day with a delicious cup of coffee. What do you do with your used coffee grounds? Do you pour your leftover coffee down the drain? Amazingly, coffee can be a frugal & natural way to help us out around the house. Instead of disposing of your coffee, try some of these amazing uses for coffee and coffee grounds:

  1. Use Grounds as a Pest Repellent: Deter ants, slugs and snails by sprinkling coffee grounds in their path or at their source
  2. Make Coffee Ice Cubes: Take your leftover coffee and make it into coffee ice cubes for an iced coffee later in the day
  3. Air Fresheners: Place a bowl of fresh ground coffee anywhere you want to remove an unpleasant smell. The coffee will absorb the smell you’re hoping to remove.
  4. Add Shine to your Hair: Massage grounds into clean, wet hair. Rinse and then enjoy the new shine
  5. Wash Hands: Use coffee grounds to remove harsh smells from your hands
  6. Garden Fertilizer & Repellent: Add coffee grounds to your garden to help add nitrogen to plants. The grounds will also repel neighborhood cats from digging in your garden.
  7. Natural Dye: Use brewed coffee as a brown food coloring.
  8. Repair Furniture Scratches: Rub wet coffee grounds into scratches on your wood furniture and the scratch will become much less visable

What uses have you found for your left over coffee??




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