Frugal All-Natural Place Card Holders for Fall
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Frugal All-Natural Place Card Holders for Fall

Posted on Thursday, November 14th, 2013 at 1:49 pm
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Pine ConeFor some families, place cards are essential for holiday dinners like Thanksgiving. They can help make sure any family members prone to bickering are seated at either end of the table. If you haven’t used them in the past, place cards and place card holders can add a simple, elegant touch to any table décor. We’ve come up with a few frugal, all-natural place card holders ideas for any fall get-together:

Mini Pumpkins

Have you been using those mini pumpkins as decorations this fall? Why not use them to assign seats? Simply, cut some paper into a desired shape and write the name of each guest. Tie the paper to the small stem of your pumpkin and voila! You can also just write on the pumpkins themselves with a permanent marker. Consider buying one in silver or gold for a nice touch!

Pine Cones

Pine cones are an easy way to add a touch of the season to your home! Simply, put a pine cone in front of each setting and set your placecard between the prongs of the cone. You can also dip the pine cones in paint or simply paint the tips of each prong for a nice touch!

Fall Leaves

This might be the easiest option. Simply find some beautiful leaves outside and rinse them off. Use a silver or gold permanent marker to write the name of each guest. You can simply put them in front of each setting or place them on top of each plate to tell your guests where they’ll be sitting.

Wine Corks

This works if you save your corks after finishing a bottle of wine. Wine corks can be used for all kinds of fun crafts. To make place card holders, simply cut a small slit in the side of each cork with an Ex-Acto knife or serrated knife. Slide your placecard into the slit and you have yourself a nice place card holder.
The best thing about this option is that they can be used year round! Check out a tutorial here.

For more DIY place card holder ideas, check out iVillage.


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