Field Roast Grain Meat
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Field Roast Grain Meat

Posted on Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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Field Roast grain meat began during the late 90s in Seattle, Washington. Chef David Lee combined the traditional idea of Buddhist food and European flavors, creating a grain meat product perfect for vegans and vegetarians. Those at Field Roast believe that real is better than fake. Field Roast’s grain meat is an ideal substitute for those who do not eat meat, but who are looking for a product that still has a meaty texture and flavor. The company has a popular line of sausages with tasty flavors such as Mexican chipotle and smoked apple. Field Roast also offers “meat” loaf in various flavors, stuffed roasts, cutlets, frankfurters, and deli sandwich slices. The grain meat is made from Canadian wheat. At the mill the grain is soaked in water, removing the starch and leaving behind pure protein, which is ground into flour. David Lee claims that most meatless meats are made salt-free and fat-free too. He thinks those products taste like cardboard. Grain meat has flavor, some fat and salt is used along with herbs and spices. However, the grain meat still is categorized as a health food. Prices vary depending on product type, but most are under $10 a package. Visit their official website for more information. Look for Field Roast products in stores near you, including easily accessible Costco stores.


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